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Lieven Martens Insular monographs

Two albums, slightly touched... 'Ke Ala Ke Kua' A flashback to july 2010, when I created this afterimage in the timespan of more or less one week. An afterimage of paying a visit to Joan Ocean’s hotspot, the Kealakekua Bay, and to islands of Hawai’i and Oahu. Miss Ocean wrote a few books about her communing and having conversations with dolphins at Kealakekua, thus i took upon this trip to investigate this conceptual world building idea. 'Canto Arquipélago' Recorded under a volcano on a portable fourtrack and computer during a few days in november 2011. In our then temporary island home on Pico island between the avocado trees, the bush and the cliffs. Storms, humidity, ocean, warmth, sunrays, lava, bush, green, blue, ourselves, fishermen, villages, village cafés, cetaceans, livestock smells, ... Canto was meant as an historical correction - or lesser pedantic, an addendum for the many idyllic insular albums out there. It was also the closing full album of the Dolphins Into The Future era The music on this cassette is presented in its original audio quality. Although perfectly mastered, it suffers from lo-fi sound quality and is basically monophonic. I decided to keep it this way and to see the songs as historical remnants. Fully realizing a 10 year timespan isn’t even that historical… On two occasions I couldn’t resist and changed small parts to make the music conceptually just. Rest assured I did leave many flaws and little mistakes untouched; since the beauty of a truth is shining through its flaws.
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