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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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V/A Curator's Lab

The Curators' Lab intended to create a meeting platform for different cultural producers within curatorial practice and artistic production. The space intended to promote debate sessions and generate content on curatorship and models of action. With a programme of its own, this initiative also sought to use public debates, master classes, workshops and other events to grant visibility to the visits of several specialists in the area who were coming to the city of Guimarães to hold other projects planned for 2012. The space was set within a disused factory unit, and was available to receive these creators and thinkers, functioning as a meeting point for those who wished to know more about the development of the projects and speak with their actors. Throughout the process artists, architects, curators, critics, writers, designers, publishers, philosophers, educators and researchers were invited to carry out physical interventions, residences, talks, events or specific performances linked to the concepts, conversations and critical debates programmed for this space. Creative contamination was one of the preferred subjects for the work, starting out from the situations of a meeting platform, a space for permanent creation or experimental workshops.
  • Curator's Lab
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