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This new Klima issue Mutabilities, delves into the various forms of mutation that ripple through our world. In biology, a mutation describes an alteration of the genetic code that spurs change in a given organism. In linguistics, it generally triggers a modification of the structure of a word, often influenced by phonetic or morphological factors. In any case, mutations — steered by some ever-changing principle — always elude the spatio-theoretical framework which they are rooted in. Therefore, the mutations composing this issue are different from those that preceded them, and still unlike the ones that will arise in the years to come. Mutabilities explores mutations operating in various fields of research that are precious to Klima — such as ecology, contemporary art, social sciences and politics, technology, or even language. Co-edited with curator Alicia Reymond, and in collaboration with graphic design studio Espace Ness, this new issue originates from an ongoing transformation process. Mirroring an exquisite corpse, Mutabilities unveils the interventions of contributors who position forms of radical mutation at the core of their own practice. The mutations driving them not only constitute subjects for theoretical analysis, but are actually the result, the consequence, and/or the fruit of embodied reflexions. What is a mutating practice?
  • Issue 6 - MUTABILITIES
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