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Marco Baravalle, Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio, Federica Timeto Art for Radical Ecologies (manifesto)

A reflection on the role of art in the interconnected struggles for climate and ecological justice. Art for Radical Ecologies is a platform impulsed by Institute of Radical Imagination that brings together art workers and eco-activists to discuss the role art can play in the creation of new radical ecologies. The Art for Radical Ecologies Manifesto is the initial result of this collective writing, to reflect on the positioning and role of art within the interconnected struggles for climate and ecological justice. The essays in the book expand on the main points presented in the 16 articles of the Manifesto: the need to intertwine new materialisms and historical materialism; the specification of who the subjects of the struggles are in a more-than-human perspective; the setting of possible strategies against censorship and artwashing, and a radical critique of extractivism and colonialism. The Institute of Radical Imagination is a think-tank inviting experts—political scientists, economists, lawyers, architects, hackers, activists, artists and cultural producers to share knowledge on a continuous base with the aim of defining and implementing zones of post-capitalism in Europe's South and the Mediterranean. The think-tank works nomadically across the nodes of the network—Madrid, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, Palestine, Naples—and connects with other nodes in "global south"—Eastern Europe, Latin America, South-East Asia. IRI is a hybrid between a travelling research centre, a refuge for intellectuals and artists at risk, a radical museum and a policy-making body generating ideas and applied knowledge that respond to specific urgent needs on the ground—more than a structure, an intellectual logistical infrastructure operating across existing arts, academic and activist networks.
  • Art for Radical Ecologies (manifesto)
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